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2005/2006 Snowmobile season gets underway!

Racine Extreme has talked to several of the fellow R.E. Sledsters from all over the Midwest in the past few hours. Reports show that the dust has been wiped off and the itch has been scratched. Sledsters from the Great White North, to as far South as Naperville, Il to as far West as Cedar Rapids, Iowa have reported at least a couple miles in the ditch or a near by field to get the dust off. This is just a start and the temps through out the Midwest prove to be holding below freezing and more snow in the upcoming forecast. Click on thumbnails to see area snow conditions. Dec. 8th 2005 RE...


Coming Soon: Racine Extreme expanded trail report section!

Naperville, IL. December 9th 2005


Michigan's U.P. December 8th 2005


Windlake, WI. December 4th 2005


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