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Blarney Island 2007 "Thunder on the Chain" Week 2 of Points. June 21, 2007

Racine Extreme

Week 2 started with the threat of rain and cloudy skies but with fingers crossed it held off , week two was a go and season points continued to add up for year end championships. Racing in week two proved  it is going to be an exciting season and a year long battle, before the fastest men on Blarney Island's liquid drag strip receive their titles!


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Lake Racer Outboard:



Vanderwall & Albee

Alby & Latter

Alby & Vanderwall

Lake Racer In Board:



Bestler & Matejka

R. Silverstein & Bestler Start

R. Silverstein & Bestlerc Finish

Pro Gas:



Klement & Kaye

Peroceschi & Klement

Joe Peroceschi

Single Carburetor:



Selvey & Frankowski

 Ron Silverstein & Rodway

Bestler & Frankowski

Rodway & Frankowski

John Bestler

Frankowski's Boat

Multi Carburetor:



Open Class:




The unlimited class running for the first time this season, wraps up the evening bringing Donny Little and Bud Hainault out to the staging area. Hainault got the Jump at the green light and held it through the finish line to secure the first place points in week two.

Evening Wrap Up:




Weekly Photo Gallery Links:


Thur 06/21/07 T Oleson (Gallery 1)


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