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Blarney Island 2007 "Thunder on the Chain" Week 3 of Points. June 28, 2007

Racine Extreme

June 28, 2007 Week three of Thunder on the Chain. Despite cloudy skies and a not so good day for photos the racing was awesome. Several new boats showed up with big power to run the unlimited class along with a growing outboard class. 2007 is shaping up to be an exciting season full of close competition.


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Lake Racer Outboard:

Week three started with a Blarney rookie Rich Latter and veteran Jeff Houghtaling at the line. Jeff Houghtaling's veteran skills take him to the finish line first sending Latter back to the dock. Sam Baker lines up against Jim Schweizer in race two with Schweizer running a near perfect pass advancing him to round two. Race three brought Bret Vanderwall and Chris Alby out. Alby got the jump and Vanderwall Couldn't run him down giving Alby the win. Mike Giesler paired up with Bob Albee in the final race of round one with Albee taking the win and advancing to round two. Round two brought out Houghtaling and Schweizer with Houghtaling taking the win and advancing to the final. Race two of round two paired up Bob Albee and Chris Albee with Chris Albee taking the checker, advancing him to the final against Houghtaling. The final round was real close with Alby edging out the win causing some movement in point standings and a possible leader change in the Lake Racer Outboard Class.

Houghtaling & Latter

Schweizer & Baker

Vanderwall & Alby

Houghtaling & Schweizer

Albee & Alby

Alby & Houghtaling

Lake Racer In Board:

Lake Racer In Board proved to be exciting for one young Blarney rookie! First to the line was Ron Silverstein the new driver and John Bestler for race one with Ron Silverstein taking his first checker of the season and advancing to round two. Round two sent Keith Matejka out to run Ron Silverstein for the final. Silverstein looking like a true veteran ran a near flawless pass taking the win and securing his first, first place of the year.

Bestler & Ron Silverstein

Matejka & Ron Silverstein

Ron Silverstein

Pro Gas:

Week three in Pro Gas fired up with Tom Klement running Nick Kaye. Kaye turned the table around from week two and secured a first round win. The final round brought Kaye back to the line to face Joe Peroceschi. Peroceschi running the only new Hydrostream Venom showed Kaye what its got and secured the evenings win in Pro Gas.

Klement & Kaye

Peroceschi & Kaye Mid Course

Peroceschi & Kaye Finish

Single Carburetor:

Race one of Single Carb. lined up a couple Blarney favorites Joel Silverstein and Gary Frankowski. Frankowski

took the win and advances to the final. Race two sent Peter Selvey and John Bestler down the race course with Selvey reaching the checkers first advancing him to the final. Selvey and Frankowski ran a super close race final with Frankowski just edging out the win. Rodway was a no show causing some movement in the point standings.

Selvey & Frankowski

Gary Frankowski

Peter Selvey

Multi Carburetor:

Groth came out with his new boat once again and pairs up with Frankowski for race one. After resolving a fuel issue from week two he takes the win and advances to the final. Donny Little comes out to take on Groth in the final round with Groth running an unbelievable 113 mph pass in 660 feet to take the win for the evening.

Gary Frankowski

John Groth

Little & Groth

Open Class:

Saldeki and the yellow nitrous powered capsule line up against Groth's Massive Inboard for round one. Saldeki takes the checker in round one crossing the finish line with a ball fire coming out from under the hood of the outboard. Both boats have problems and have to forfeit advancing to round two. Race two continues with John Conrad and Peter Selvey. Both boats ran a good race with Selvey coming out the winner. Final round put Donny Little and Peter Selvey at the start line. Little got the jump and held the lead to the finish line securing him first place for the evening in the Open Class.

Groth & Saldecki

Conrad & Selvey

Selvey & Little


For week three the unlimited class started with Bud Hainault and Rick Cortino. Hainault presented another strong run sending Cortino back to the dock and advancing to the final. Donny Little came out to challenge Brian Benson with Little receiving a DQ advancing Benson to the final round against Hainault. Bud Hainault laid down another near perfect pass taking the points for the week.

Little & Benson


Benson & Hainault

Evening Wrap Up:

Week three brought out some of the best racing of the season. The points race is close in almost all the classes with a lot of movement in point leaders after the week. Stay tuned as the 2007 season continues to heat up.

See you at the Races!

Toleson1 (Mr. X)


Misc. Photos from the Evening:

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