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David Frook September 20, 2007

Please Note that these are all original proofs with no color correction or touch up. We will color correct and touch up all photos chosen for developing. See the example below to see the effects of editing. If you see a photo you would like us to edit please record the number and we will create a proof of the image for your review.


 Sample of Online Proof of Image.  Sample of Cropped & Adjusted Image.


Landscape Photos


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PLEASE NOTE: Racine Extreme publishes all photos taken for your viewing enjoyment. All images are reduced from their original size and quality to speed up internet load times. All photos ordered will be cropped and color corrected to achieve the best possible image for developing. Visit the Racine Extreme Premier Power Sports Photo Center for a list of available sizes, product examples and ordering information or contact Racine Extreme at 414 810-8013.


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