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Whoop Monster supports the privateer through the generosity of his own heart!

Submitted by: April Lewis

Well Race Fans, it’s summertime in the Midwest and 2007 is a hot one!  In addition to the blazing racing events around Wisconsin and Illinois, we are gearing up for the Spring Creek Outdoor National in Millville, Minnesota.  And when you think Millville, you are probably thinking sand whoops and, of course, the Whoop Monster.  You know that guy in all the camouflage on the track with his bull horn and that crazy cart he drives around with the awesome stereo system, right?  But what's the deal?  Who is this guy and why is he on the track? You may be surprised…


The Whoop Monster is a huge race fan.  He sees you guys and girls out there working your butts off every week to make it to the finals, pouring your heart and soul onto that track.  He is there to be the #1 fan of the true privateer riders.  His theory: "The top 10 riders have all the fans that they need.  What about the riders in the middle or the back of the pack?" 


He supports the privateer riders through the generosity of his own heart and some great sponsors.  This year the Whoop Monster has some good stuff up his sleeve.  For starters, this year Whoop is introducing a raffle that will be held on the grounds at Millville, with tickets going for just $3 each.  Prizes include a pair of Kicker brand speakers, a vented Simpson riding helmet, Vortex handlebars, Renthal handlebars, Dragon privateer goggles and many more items which have been generously donated to raise money for the privateers.  To purchase tickets, just look for the Rockin' Whoopmobile that will be cruising around the grounds of Spring Creek starting on Thursday.  The raffle will be held on Saturday, August 11th at 4 PM on the grounds at Spring Creek, and you must be present to win.


Another great addition to the Whoop legacy is the "Privateer Zone" located in the privateer pits at Millville.  All true privateers are invited, as well as families of those riders.  There will be refreshments, energy bars and snacks available so please come check it out!  

Returning this year is the increasingly popular Privateer Auction.  For this event the Whoop Monster works hard all year on his own time talking with sponsors who donate great stuff like goggles, gloves, Dunlop tires, T-shirts, signed helmets, jerseys, and tons more stuff.  The auction will be held again on Spring Creek grounds on Saturday evening August 11th.


The money the Whoop Monster collects is given to privateers each year at Millville.  He also donates to the families of injured privateers to help pay for medical expenses, and he gives away countless items to riders and fans alike each year.  You can find him easily by looking (and listening) for the Whoopmobile.  This year's new and improved version features gullwing doors and some pretty incredible hydraulics that you can check out at and click on "videos" to see it in action. 


So check it out!  When you see the Whoop Monster at Millville, give him a shout-out!  He is there because he respects you, the privateer riders, and the hard work that you and your families do to make this sport what it is today.  "Never, never quit doing something good for someone.  One person can make a difference, but if all of the true MX fans work together, we can make a huge difference."  That belief is one that the Whoop Monster clearly holds in his heart and hopes that he can instill in other fans to make our sport great.  Buy a raffle ticket, check out the auction, enjoy the Privateer Zone for riders and families, or donate money that will be put directly in the hands of a rider in need. 


"This year let's rock the whoops and really give the racers some good memories!" – Whoop Monster


The Whoop Monster would like to say a special thank you to a few people who have been instrumental in the success of his legacy:  Ben Tronson, McKennedy, Joe Dirt, 4MX Graphics, Kicker, BZ-2, Racine Extreme, and the family of the little boy who presented Whoop Monster with a shark tooth necklace at Spring Creek in 2006.

WHOOP MONSTER with the dad of a young injured rider and April Lewis at Millville 2005.



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