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2005 "Thunder on the Chain"


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The smell of race fuel has cleared and the 2005 Blarney Island Thursday nights "Thunder on the Chain" is officially underway. The first week brought the racers out of hibernation and the biggest opening race day crowd Blarney Island has seen yet. Every year there are more racers, faster boats, the crowd gets bigger and the after party gets better!


Port of Blarney Blarney Shuttle Boat Blarney Island


Blarney Island is accessible by launching your own boat at the Port of Blarney or taking their Shuttle Service from the Port to the Island and back. Blarney Island attracts them all from the big to the small and even the dog.

The Big The Small The Family Dog


2005 Race coverage by the week. (Click on the week to see that weeks racing action)


Week 1-June 2

Week 2-June 9

Week 3-June 16

Week 4-June 23

Week 5-June 30

Week 6-July 7

Week 7-July 14

Week 8-July 21

Week 9-July 28

Week 10-August 4

Week 11-August 11

Week 12-August 18

Week 13-August 25

Week 14-September 1

Week 15-September 8

Week 16-September 15

Racer's Banquet November 12, 2005

Click HERE to see the point standings.


Racer Profiles and Classes Raced. (Click on the Racer's Name to view their profile)

Lake Racer Out-board

Bob Albee

Kris Werth

Nick Winski

Jeff Houghtaling

Brett Vanderwall

Jon Mumford

Mark Lundgren

Jeff Cleinmark

Chris Kueng

Tom Heitger

Kirk Buchholtz

Jim Memmel


Single Carbureted

Gary Frankowski

Joel Silverstein

John Groth

David Schoenfield

Casey Jones

Dave Klaput

Doug Skimmer


Multi Carbureted

Gary Frankowski

Peter Selvey

John Anderson

George Pataki

Dave Klaput

Doug Skimmer

David Schoenfield

Lake Racer In-Board

Joel Silverstein

John Groth

Keith Matjka

David Schoenfield

Casey Jones

Darryl Olandese

Don Hanks



Open Class

Donny Little

Peter Selvey

Dave Saldecki

John Anderson

John Conrad


Pro Gas

Nick Kaye

Tom Klement

Nick Winski

Tim McCollough

Joe Peroceschi

Ron Barta

Jeff Clienmark

Hans Luedtke

Loren Lagosh



Donny Little

Brian Benson

Darryl Olandese

Tom Caulhane

Peter Selvey


Port of Blarney and Blarney Island is more than boat racing. They offer weekly specials, live entertainment, food and much more all week long. Click on the logo below to see a list of all their amenities and other activities.

Click the Blarney Island LogoFor location, Race Rules and Point Standings.


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