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WEEK 1- June 2, 2005

The Thursday Night boat races have officially started and the first week showed more interest than ever. Many veteran racers from the years past and some new rookies ran week 1 and many others are slated to run the 2005 "Thunder on the Chain" Series at Blarney Island this year. The first race of the season brought the racers and boats out of hibernation. No points are counted for the first 2 weeks letting the drivers get  back in race mode and test their equipment. The 2005 -16 week series at Blarney Island will be more exciting than ever before with faster than ever speeds and the addition of some new drivers and boats.


Take a look as the drivers and their crews start to pile in for the opening week of "Thunder on the Chain"


Some of the boats and drivers that will participate in the racing action in the upcoming weeks. Don't forget to check your favorite racers profiles on the main page and cheer them on at the races.

Jeff Houghtaling

Brett Vanderwall Tom Klement


Bob Albee Nick Winski Dave Seldecki


Casey Jones   Gary Frankowski


Donny Little Joe Peroceschi Mark Lundgren


Click on the photos below to view videos of  weeks ones race action!


Week one concluded with some great racing and one heck of an after party. Once the races conclude everyone migrates to Island for some cold cocktails, great music and all kinds of fun. Things really wind up on the other end  when the races are over and the party starts! Click on the photos below to see some full size party action.


Click on week 2 for next race!


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