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WEEK 10- August 4, 2005

Week 10 brought some new excitement to the already exciting race venue at Blarney Island. Three professional OPC drivers, Chris Fairchild (Hooters), Chris Shepard (Holiday Inn Express) and Bill Gohr (Gohr Performance) did an exhibition run for the race fans. Check out the photos and video below.
Boats of the 3 Pro Drivers   Hooters Trailer

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Chris Fairchild (Hooters) Bill Gohr (Gohr Performance) Chris Shepard (Holiday Inn Express)



Click on the photo for a video of the Circle Boat Action.

Lake Racer Outboard

Kris Werth and Chris King started out the drag race schedule for week 10. First race of the day sends King back to the Dock with Werth advancing to round 2. Bob Albee and Brett Vanderwall paired up for race 2 with Albee taking the win. Race 3 brought Jeff Houghtaling and Nick Winski out to the race course with Winski taking the checkered flag. Race 4 of round 1 Matced up Bob Albee and Kris Werth with Werth advancing to round 2. Round 2 race 1 put Jon Mumford who had a by in round 1 up to Nick Winski with Winski winning the race and moving into the final race of the day against Werth. Kris Werth winning the final race of Lake Racer Outboard taking home the points for week 10.

Werth Albee & Vanderwall Winski Houghtaling
Albee & Werth Winski & Mumford Winski Werth


Lake Racer Inboard

Lake Racer Inboard paired up Joel Silverstein and John Growth, Silverstein taking the win secured the points for week 10.


Pro Gas

The Pro Gas Class put Nick Winski up against Nick Kaye. Kaye seemed to have some trouble about half way down the course with the boat catching some air. Kaye having to back off of the gas, let Winski go by him for the Week 10 Pro Gas win

Nick Kaye Taking Off Kaye & Winski




Single Carb.

First out in single carb. was John Groth and Gary Frankowski with Frankowski being first to the finish sending him forward to the final. The final brought a new Blarney Racer to the track Doug Skinner who paired up with the seasons point leader. Frankowski our class leader shined threw again with a undisputable win taking the points home for week 10.

Groth & Frankowski

Frankowski & Skinner


Multi Carb.

Peter Selvey and Doug Skinner started out the evening  in the Multi Carb. class with Selvey taking the first round win. Round 2 brought out Frankowski to send Selvey back to the dock and take the weeks points and bragging rights.

Skinner & Selvey

Frankowski & Selvey


Open Class

Donny Little and Peter Selvey came out to run the open class for the evening with Little taking home the win.

Little & Selvey


Unlimited Class

Little and Benson lined up to run the unlimited class for week 10. Brian Benson appearing to have mechanical problems giving Little the easy win in the last race of the evening.

Benson & Little


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Trivia Question? In the picture to the right is the Tach recall from one of the race boats at Blarney Island. Can you tell Racine Extreme what is wrong in the picture if the tach is recalling from a Mercury 2.5 EFI 260. Click HERE to send your answer to Racine Extreme.


Party's Starting One of those Beautiful Blarney Sunsets Party's Rock'n


Bob Albee, Troy Oelson

 & Jeff Houghtaling

Cut'n A Rug

Some more of them

 Blarney Babes


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