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WEEK 14- September 1, 2005


Week 14 once again bringing some excitement to the race course as the season nears the end. The racers continued to give it would they have trying to move up that one place in the points race. Several of the first place positions have been secured in some  of the classes but there is still room for year end position changes in the point standings for second and third place positions. With only 2 weeks left there will be some close racing action you will not want to miss.


Lake Racer Outboard

Nick Winski and Brett Vanderwall started the racing action for week 14. Winski getting the jump at the start, held the lead to the finish, taking the checkered flag. Bob Albee and Kris Werth lined up for race 2 a common site at the Thunder on the Chain races. Albee Also getting the jump and holding the lead takes the win in round 2. Race 3 brought out Winski and Jeff Houghtaling, Houghtaling laying down a good run beats Winski to the finish line and advances to the final against Albee another common site at the Thunder on the Chain races. Both drivers showing what they got ran a tight race with Albee edging out the win for week 14 and securing the first place position in the points for the year.

Vanderwall & Winski Werth & Albee Houghtaling & Winski Houghtaling & Albee


Lake Racer Inboard

Lake Racer Inboard started out with John Groth with a new boat in week 14 and Darryl Olandese. Olandese driving an unfamiliar boat for another owner jumped the start and gave Groth the easy win. The final race for the class brought the class leader to the line Joel Silverstein to pair up with Groth. Silverstein taking the win and securing the points for the day and the first place position for the year.

Groth & Olandese Silverstein & Groth Groth


Pro Gas

Pro Gas always bringing some of the fastest outboards in the Midwest out to the track. Race 1 paired up Tom Klement & Ron Barta. Klement looking real good in his first run, takes the win and advances to the final. Race 2 paired up Nick Kaye and Nick Winski, Winski having a bad start, lets Kaye run away with the win. The final race in Pro Gas pairs up the two Quartermasters of Kaye and Klement. Kaye takes the win and secures the first place position for the year.

Klement & Barta Klement & Barta Winski & Kaye Winski & Kaye Kaye & Klement


Single Carb

1st race of single carb. Brings out our class leader Gary Frankowski to pair up against John Groth. Groth running a new boat and learning his equipment gives Frankowski the easy win in round 1. Dave Klaput bringing a new boat to the races, pairs up with Frankowski. Klaput giving Frankowski a run for his money doesn't quit sneak out the win giving Frankowski the points for the week in single carb.

Groth & Frankowski Frankowski & Klaput


Multi Carb

Multi Carb. Brings Frankowski and Klaput back to the start line, a battle we seen in single carb. This time Klaput gets it done and sends Frankowski back to the dock. Dave Klaput then paired up with Peter Selvey for the final race of the day in Multi Carb. Klaput laying down another flawless run takes the checkers for week 14.

Klaput & Frankowski Klaput & Frankowski Selvey & Klaput


Open Class

Peter Selvey and Donny Little come out to battle for the points in the Open Class. Little showing the crowd how its done, takes the win for week 14 also securing the year end 1st place position.

Little & Selvey



The unlimited class always bringing out the fastest boats at the Island pairs up Donny Little and Brian Benson for the last race of the day. Little once again showing the boys how its done secures the checkered flag and points for the week.

Little & Benson


Miscellaneous pictures from week 14.

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