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WEEK 15- September 8, 2005


Week 15, just one week before the end of the race season at Blarney Island still bringing some tight racing action to the Midwest. Blarney Island holds the only 16 week race season at a fixed location in the Midwest and maybe the entire United States. If you have any interest in fast boats, drag boat races, babes, dudes or brews then you have one more chance to get out to Blarney on September 15 the last race of the 2005 season. Come see the racers as they secure their positions in their respective classes for 2005!


Lake Racer Outboard

Lake Racer Outboard starts week 15 with Nick Winski and Brett Vanderwall taking the start line. Winski having a good run sends Vanderwall back to the dock. Race 2 paired up Jeff Houghtaling and Kris Werth with Houghtaling getting the early jump and holding the lead all the way through the finish. Race 3 brings Albee, the class leader to the line against Houghtaling , Houghtaling giving Albee a run for the money. Houghtaling just couldn't quit squeak out the win sending Albee forward to the final. Final run brought Albee & Winski, a common site at  Blarney Island to the line. Once again a tight race but Albee Secures another first place finish in the class and secures points and will remain the class leader for the rest of the season.

Winski & Vanderwall Werth & Houghtaling Albee & Houghtaling Albee & Winski


Lake Racer Inboard

John Groth & John Bessler come to the line to start the lake racer inboard class. Both racers having their own circumstances, Groth with a new boat and Bessler driving his boat  for the first time at Blarney. About half track Groth blew a fuse to the fuel pump giving Bessler the easy win. Silverstein our points leader comes out to race Bessler. Bessler looking like veteran racer gave Silverstein a run for his money but Silverstein showing his veteran boat racing skills takes the win and will hold the first place honors through the balance of the season.

Groth & Bessler Silverstein & Bessler


Pro Gas

Pro Gas started week 15 with Bob Albee coming back to the track after some mechanical problems earlier in the season to race Tom Klement. Albee still appearing to have some problems gives Klement the win. Klement and Kaye pair up for the final race of Pro Gas. Kaye running like a true champion takes the win and will also stay first in points for the remainder of the season.

Albee & Kaye Kaye & Klement


Single Carb

Joel Silverstein and John Anderson started the racing in Pro Gas, Anderson also coming back after a mechanical problem takes the win and advances to the final. Gary Frankowski the class leader comes out to race John Anderson. Frankowski showing the crowd why he is the class leader, takes the win and secures the first place position for the remainder of the year.

Silverstein & Anderson Anderson & Frankowski


Multi Carb

Gary Frankowski and Peter Selvey pair up for the race of the day Multi Carb. Selvey showing what he's got takes the win and the points for week 15.

Frankowski & Selvey


Open Class

Saldecki also returning from a mechanical problem the week previous comes out to race Peter Selvey. Selvey Taking the win to Advance to the final against Donny Little. Donny Little the class leader shows us how its done once again securing the points and the first place honors for the balance of the year.

Saldecki & Selvey Little & Selvey


Miscellaneous pictures from week 15.

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