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WEEK 3- June 16, 2005


 With the points starting to count towards the 2005 race season, week 3 boasted some real head to head racing. The racers were at their best and ready to give it all they got. Week 3 still bringing Blarney Island rookies with new boats, posing unknown competition to the veterans of "Thunder on the Chain".


The Lake Racer Outboard class always bringing the most boats to field, tends to bring some of the best competition to the track. Veteran racers Bob Albee and Jeff Houghtaling worked their way through the eliminations to run the last run of the day in  Lake Racer. Jeff Houghtaling snuck by Bob Albee who is always a top contender at Blarney Island, to take the first place points home for evening.

Bob Albee as he sneaks by Jeff Cleinmark

advancing towards the final.

Jeff Houghtaling sneaking by Captain Kirk Bucholtz

on his way to the final for the day

The last race of Lake Racer Outboard as Jeff Houghtaling Sneaks

 past Bob Albee to walk away with the points for evening.

Lake Racer Coming in from the Track


Lake Racer inboard


The Pro Gas class at Blarney Island always brings stiff competition to the field. Joe Peroceschi a Blarney veteran and multi time point champion of the island shows how it is done once again. Peroceschi Eliminating Nick Kaye in round one, then taking down Hauns a new "Thunder on the Chain" competitor for the win.

Hauns a new Pro gas Contender at Blarney Island

Joe showing the boys how to get it done.



The Single Carb class bringing the most inboards to the line is also a crowd pleaser with the loud motors and the smell of race gas. Gary Frankowski and Joel Silverstein pair up for the final. Frankowski takes the win and the points for the evening.


The multi carb class also bringing some heavy hitters to the line. Gary Frankowski and Peter Selvey battle it out for the evenings points. Frankowski takes home the points for the evening.


Open class bringing some tuff competition to the track and  makes for some exciting racing. First round Donny Little takes out John Anderson to advance to the final. The final round brought Peter Selvey and Donny Little to the starting line Donny Little taking home the win.


The unlimited class bringing the heaviest of the hitters to the race course is always a crowd favorite. Donny Little a Barney Island veteran and always a top contender takes home the points for the evening.


Pictures from the party after the races at Blarney Island. (click on photo to enlarge)

The owner of Racine Extreme getting some of that  juice.

Some of those Blarney

 Island honeys.

Some more of those

 Island Honeys

The shuttle ride back.

The Anthony Angels.

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