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WEEK 4- June 23, 2005


Coming into the second week of points the race excitement continues. The Lake Racer Outboard class brought some close competition to the race course as several veterans and a few new comers to the "Thunder on the Chain" drag boat races battle for the points week by week. Round 1, Race 1 brought Bob Albee and Kris Werth to the course. Round 1, race 2 brought Brett Vanderwall and Jeff Houghteling to the track giving Nick Winski the by for round 1. Bob Albee and Jeff Houghteling winning there round one races brings us to round 2. Nick Winski taking down Bob Albee in round 2 Brings Nick to the final against Jeff Houghteling. Nick Winski edged out the final to clench the points for week 2.


Bob Albee taking down

Kris Werth in round 1.

Jeff Houghteling taking down

Brett Vanderwall in round 1.

Nick Winski winning round 2 against Bob Albee on his way to take the points for the evening.


Lake Racer Inboard matched up Casey Jones and Joel

Silverstein with Casey taking home the points for week 2.


In the Pro Gas Class Nick Kaye takes down

Joe Peroceschi for the Pro Gas points.


Week 2 points in the single carb class was taken home by Gary Frankowski one of the crowd favorites at Blarney Island

Gary Frankowski Taking Home

Round 1 Against Joel Silverstein

Gary Frankowski Winning the

Final Against Casy Jones


Multi Carb brought Peter Selvey and Gary Frankowski to the track. Gary

Frankowski Edged out Peter to collect the Multi Carb. points for the day.


The last Race of the day brought Peter Selvey and Donny Little to

the race course. Donny Little appears to be on the top of his game this

 year taking home the points 2 weeks in a row in the Open Class.


Pictures from the Party on the Island after the Races on Thursday. (click on the photo to see full size)



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