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WEEK 6- July 7, 2005


For week 6, Racine Extreme would like to introduce the men behind the microphone. No its not Larry and Moe silly besides where the hell is Curley? Its Mark and Ed! If it wasn't for these 2 gentlemen in the tower announcing the races, no one would know what the heck is going on! Wave hello to your race announcers as you pass by the tower every Thursday!

Thanks for the 411 Guys!

Mark (left) and Ed (right).          


              The Race Tower


Lake Racer Outboard

Week 6 of the Lake Racer Outboard Class brought the same stiff competition to race course as the previous weeks. First set of racers to see the start line for the week 6 races, Nick Winski and Brett Vanderwall with Winski Taking the first win of the day to advance to round 2. Race 2 of round 1 paired up Bob Albee and Kris Werth with Albee taking the win and advancing to the final. Round 2 matched up Jeff Houghtaling who had the by for round 1 with Nick Winski advancing round 1 but being edged out by Houghtaling in the second round. The final round bringing a common battle to the course Bob Albee and Jeff Houghtaling with Bob Albee taking the win and the points for week 6.

Nick Winski Taking Home Round 1. Bob Albee Advancing Against Kris Werth.
Jeff Houghtaling Heads to the Final. Bob Albee Winning Lake Racer for the Week.


Pro Gas

First Run of Pro Gas matched up Tom Klement and Nick Kaye due to Tim McChullah Having starting problems. Nick Kaye took the win for the Pro stock points.

Nick Kaye Crossing the Finish Line.


Single Carb.

Joel Silverstein and Gary Frankowski paired up wit Frankowski taking home the win.

Silverstein & Frankowski at the start line. Frankowski Taking home the win.


Multi Carb.

Peter Selvey took the line against John Anderson with Peter Selvey advancing to run against Gary Frankowski in the final. Gary Frankowski takes home the bragging rights keeping him in first place for the season this far.

Peter Selvey & John Anderson Race 1. Frankowski & Selvey Race 2.


Open Class

Open Class Always bringing excitement to the race course with some tough competition. First race of Open Class paired up Donny Little and Peter Selvey with Donny Little advancing to the to the final. Race 2 paired up John Anderson and Dave Saldecki with John Anderson taking the win. John Anderson having mechanical problems put Dave Saldecki and Donny Little in the final with Donny Little taking home the points for the fourth week in a row. 

Little & Selvey At The Start Line For Round 1 Saldecki & Anderson Round 2 Donny Little Taking The Win.


Unlimited Class

Unlimted Class Paired up Donny Little & Darryl Olandese with his Blown Alcohol Howard Hydro. Olandese Loosing a Blower Belt Still Managed to Pull off the Win.

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Traid Dr20 Island Beauties What do you call that dance? Island Beauty! Party Crowd!


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