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WEEK 7- July 14, 2005

Each week for the next 9 weeks Racine Extreme will be introducing the faces behind the races. This week we bring you John Haley and Shawn Roby some of the main men behind the "Thunder on the Chain" races and owners of the venue. These are the guys that make it all happen with out a hitch! Nice work guys!
John Haley   Shawn Roby

Lake Racer Outboard

Week 7 brought the most boats to the course in Lake Racer Outboard since the beginning of the season. This week also brought some upsets to the point leaders of the class. First race Chris Kueng put Mark Lundgren on the trailer. Jon Mumford eliminates Nick Winski in race 2 round 1. Race 3 of round 1 Bob Albee takes the checkers against Brett Vanderwall. Race 4 of round 1 put Kris Werth and Jeff Houghtaling to the start line with Houghtaling edging out the win. Chris Kueng and Jon Mumford started the races of round 2 with Jon Mumford advancing to the final. Kris Werth and Bob Albee paired up for race 2 round 2 with Kris Werth sending Albee to the trailer and advancing to the final against Mumford. Kris Worth taking home the win for the week. Race results from  week seven will change the points race for the rest of the year.


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Lake Racer Headed Out.

Mumford Going By Winski. Albee Taking Round 1.
Mumford On His Way Past Kueng. Werth Taking The Points. Lake Racer Coming In.


Lake Racer Inboard

Joel Silverstein and Davd Schoenfield Paired up for Lake Racer Inboard with Silverstein taking the checkers and sending Schoenfield to the trailer.

Silverstein Taking the Checkers.


Pro Gas

One of the fastest Outboard classes at the races brought Tim McHulla a Blarney Rookie up against Tom Klement. Klement's veteran racing skills shine through as he sends McHulla to the trailer in round 1. Nick Kaye and Tom Klement match up for the final of the day with Kaye taking home the weeks points.

New Triad Dr-20 Klement Taking Round 1 Kaye Taking Home The Win.


Single Carb

Gary Frankowski and Dave Schoenfield started the Single Carb class with Frankowski taking the win in round 1. A common site at the Island Joel Silverstein and Frankowski matched up for the finals. Once again Frankowski shinning through and taking the checkers in the final.

Silverstein & Frankowski At The Line. Frankowski Leading Silvertein. Frankowski Taking the Win.


Multi Carb

Peter Selvey & Dave Schoenfield first to line in Multi carb with Selvey taking the win. The final round brought Selvey and Frankowski out with Selvey

Taking the checkered flag and the points for the week.

Frankowski & Selvey at the Start. Selvey Taking the Win Away From Frankowski.


Open Class

Donny Little paired up with John Conrad for race 1 with Little advancing to the final for the day. Round 2 brought Dave Saldecki and Peter Selve head to head with Saldecki taking the checkers and advancing to the final. The final race of the day was Saldecki against Little with Little sending Saldecki to trailer and taking the points for the weeks.

Little & Conrad Round 1. Saldeki and Selvey At The Line. Saldeki taking round 2. Donny Little Taking The Win.


The Island After the Races. (Click on a Photo)

John Conrads Inboard Mother Natures Boat 1 Mother Natures Boat 2 Race Spectators
Marathon Super Modified Race Crowd The Band Tim & Mike Cyber CNC Racing


It Must Have Been Make A face Day at the Island. (Click on Photo)



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