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WEEK 8- July 21, 2005

Continuing with the 411 of who's, who at Blarney Island. This week we have Teresa on the left who handles the registration and misc. other details to keep the races running smooth. She has also been a great help to Racine Extreme in collecting driver info. On the right we have the guys that keep us from getting thirsty and keep the island in order. Some of the Island bartenders From left to right. Mike Duggan, Pat Haley & Adam Durham. Don't forget to tip your bartenders!
Teresa Mike, Pat & Adam


The weather cleared and the races where a go for week 8 the half way race for the year. This week bringing some hot action to the course, some unfortunate mishaps and some upsets to the point standings. The leader of the Lake Racer Outboard class was a no show which will cause some leader changes in the weeks to come. Nick Kaye Brought some excitement to the Pro Gas class by having the original owner Jeff Cleinmark run his dr20 against him in his 1/4 master. The unlimited class brought out Darryl Olandese with his blown hydro. Half track the Blower belt let go and sheared all the mounting bolts showing why the rules require the blower to be strapped down.


Lake Racer Outboard

Round 1  race 1 brought out Nick Winski & Mark Lundgren with Winski sending Lundgren back to the dock. Race 2 paired up Jeff Houghtaling and Kris Werth with Werth taking the checkered flag and advancing. Race 3 of Round 1 brought Jon Mumford & Brett Vanderwall to the start line with Vanderwall taking the win. Nick Winski running his second race of the evening against Kris Werth with Werth edging out the win and advancing to the final against Brett Vanderwall. Kris Werth wins the final round and takes home the points and top honors for week 8.


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Winski Taking Round 1. Werth Advancing to Round 2. Vanderwall Taking His Round 1 Win.
Werth Taking Round 2. Werth Taking The Win For The Week.


Lake Racer Inboard

Lake Racer Inboard brought a common battle to the course between Joel Silverstein and Dave Schoenfield with Silverstein taking the win for the evening.

Silverstein Taking The Win.


Pro Gas

Pro Gas brought some excitement to week 8. First race matched Tom Klement with Jeff Cleinmark who was driving his old race machine now owned by Nick Kaye. Jeff took the win over Klement to pair him up with Nick Kaye in his 1/4 master. Kaye owning both boats in the final round and leading the points for the season shows his true love for the sport by putting the previous owner in the Triad dr20 and having a real photo finish of a race. Jeff Cleinmark barley edging out the win over Kaye in his 1/4 master which made for a real crowd pleaser and one heck of a final race.

Cleinmark in Kaye's DR20. Cleinmark & Kaye staging. Pro Gas Final For The Day.


Single Carb

First out to the start line for Single Carb. was Joel Silverstein and Dave Schoenfield with Schoenfield going back to the dock. The Final paired up Silverstien and Frankowski with Gary Frankowski taking the top honors for week 8.

Silverstien Taking the win from Schoenfield. Frankowski showing how its done.


Multi Carb

First to the course in Multi Carb. was Peter Selvey & Gary Frankowski with Frankowski advancing to the final against John Anderson. Frankowski having one heck of a day at the races takes home the top honors for week 8.

Frankowski Taking Home Round 1. Frankowski Getting It Done Once Again.


Open Class

Open Class brought out some stiff competition as usual with Peter Selvey and Donny Little running the first race of the class. Little taking the win and advancing to the final. Race 2 paired up Dave Sadeki and John Anderson with Anderson advancing to the final. Donny Little and John Anderson ran the final race with Little taking the checkered flag and the points for the week.

Selvey & Little. Anderson & Saldeki. Anderson Eliminating Saldeki. Anderson & Little In Final.


Unlimited Class

The Unlimited class paired up Darryl Olandese with his Blown Hydro and Donny Little. Olandese having mechanical problems losing a blower belt and shearing of all the bolts that hold blower on giving Little the win for the day.

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 Of  Darryl Heading Out.

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of the Final Race of the Day.


The Island After the Races. (Click on a Photo)

Racers Meeting

Coast Gaurd

Island beauty


No Lack of Pretty Girls.

Racine Extreme & Friends.

Smile ladies!

More of those Island Queens.

Naughty Naughty!




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