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WEEK 9- July 28, 2005

Today's introductions go out to the people that make it happen at the remote food and brew station located in the center of the Northwest main pier. Stop and say hello to Chester & Melissa and get yourself a brew and a Italian or Brat with all the fixings.
Chester & Melissa The remote Brat/Brew station


Week 9 brings us to the first week past the half way point for the season. Now the competition stiffens up as the points really start counting towards the end of the season. The "Thunder on the Chain" racers really start pushing the envelope as weeks boil down and they look to clench the High Points Champion Titles in there classes. The points leaders in each class are trying their hardest to keep their positions while every contender from second place back tries take it away. With this being the case in the upcoming weeks, there will definitely be some racing action you will not want to miss.


Lake Racer Outboard

Lake Racer Outboard for week 9 started by matching up Nick Winski and Brett Vanderwall with Vanderwall taking home the win and moving up to round 2. Second race in round 1 brought Bob Albee and Jeff Houghtaling to the start line, a familiar site at Blarney Island. Albee first to the finish advanced to round 2. Kris Werth having the by in round 1 pairs up against Brett Vanderwall for the first race of round 2 with Brett taking the win. Final race in the Lake Racer Outboard puts Vanderwall up against Albee with Bob Albee taking home the bragging rights for week 9.


Vanderwall & Winski Houghtaling &Albee Werth & Vanderwall Albee & Vanderwall


Lake Racer Inboard

Lake Racer Inboard started the night out with John Groth And Kieth Matjka pairing up at the start line for race 1. Kieth taking the win to be paired up with Joel Silverstein to race for week 9's bragging rights. Silverstein first across the finish line clenches the bragging rights.

Groth & Matjka Silverstein & Majka


Pro Gas

Nick Winski & Nick Kaye pared up to run for the evenings points in Pro Gas. Kaye showing his speed and skills we have seen in the previous weeks, takes the win again in week 9.

Kaye & Winksi at the Start Line Kaye Taking the Win


Single Carb

Joel Silverstein & John Growth started out the racing in single carb. with Silverstein taking the win and advancing to round 2. Round to put Silverstein up against Frankowski another common site at Blarney Island. Frankowski takes home another win in week 9 putting him even further ahead of the second place point contender.

Silverstein & Groth Frankowski & Silverstein


Multi Carb

Frankowski & Anderson run for the points in Multi Carb. Gary Frankowski having one heck of a night takes home another win for the evening in multi-carb.

Anderson & Frankowski At the Start Anderson & Frankowski


Open Class

The open class always bringing out some of the fastest boats in the Midwest. Week 9 round 1 paired up John Anderson and Dave Saldeki with Anderson taking the win . Round 2 and the final run of the evening brought Donny Little and John Anderson out to the start line. Like in the weeks previous Little showed us his consistency to us once again and taking the Open Class win home for the evening.

Little & Anderson


Miscellaneous pictures from week 9.

Click on the photos below to see full size.

Good Times at Blarney People Arriving to the Island Beautiful day at Blarney Some of the Blarney Hotties


Lucky Guy! Hay what's that? Must have dropped some ice!



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