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Blarney Island

"Thunder on the Chain"

 Racer's Banquet Nov. 12, 2005

On November 12, 2005 some of the Midwest's fastest men on water came together one last time for the season.  Blarney Island held its "Thunder on the Chain" awards banquet and announced the High Point Champions for the 2005 race season. Racers, friends and family were in attendance to see the top pilots receive their awards.


Bob Albee


"Thunder on the Chain"

Winner's Circle

Gary Frankowski

Lake Racer Outboard

1st- Bob Albee

2nd- Nick Winski

3rd- Kris Werth

Pro Gas

1st- Nick Kaye

2nd- Tom Klement

3rd- Nick Winski

Multi Carbureted

1st- Gary Frankowski

2nd- Peter Selvey

3rd- John Anderson

Lake Racer Inboard

1st- Joel Silverstein

2nd- John Groth

3rd- Keith Matjka

Single Carbureted

1st- Gary Frankowski

2nd- Joel Silverstein

3rd- John Groth

Open Class

1st- Donny Little

2nd- Peter Selvey

3rd- Dave Saldecki

Joel Silverstein


1st- Donny Little

2nd- Brian Benson

3rd- Darryl Olandese

Donny Little

Nick Kaye

Brian Benson

Peter Selvey


Miscellaneous Pictures from the 2005 Racer's Banquet.






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