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You Have heard all the hype and now the time has come! The release of "Elevation Season 1" is here and you will not believe your eyes. Read the reviews for yourself to see what people are saying about  Producer Jeff Aiello's creation of a real life one of a kind extreme snowmobile movie filmed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


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See what the public has to say about the Team Summit Production by Jeff Aiello.


Review Submitted by: Perry Duchow-
A few years ago, we were introduced to a new video from a die-hard group of riders known as Team Summit – Bravo Squadron. They always seemed to have a little different flare to the style of shooting and editing compared to the “other” typical sled videos that I’ve come to love over the years. The style of Jeff Aiello’s films has a more organic feel to them, when compared to the hype, jumps, climbs, and drops of those other available products. And that was the missing link in the world of sled videos…

So, here we go again. After last years viewing of Team Summit’s Sierra Sledfest 5, I was a bit complacent to throw the new ELEVATION DVD into the player. To be completely honest, I was still recovering from the shock to my nervous system from the last one, and so was my DVD system. How could it ever be topped? I was going to soon find out. As usual, the main menu came up playing a nice subdued tune to help ease my overanxious anticipation of another masterpiece, but that was soon to fade.

As the intro played, my skin immediately blistered with an eerie feeling of an impending storm of yet another annual assault on my senses. I wouldn’t be disappointed. Jeff Aiello and Team Summit have yet again, triumphed in the production of another masterpiece of what the sport is all about. However, ELEVATION has a bit of a twist to it in terms of what we’ve all seen before. In fact, it has something that we’ve really NEVER seen before in any sled video, and that’s what sets it apart from the rest.

ELEVATION has a bit more of a documentary feel to it, and whether you’re thinking of getting into snowmobiling, or have the ice crystals of winter firmly flowing through your veins, your going to absolutely love it. There is no excuse to not have this DVD in your inventory; it is so unique and fresh. It’s loaded with tons of interviews from our beloved Team Summit riders, as well as some gut-busting footage, crazy antics, and stories from the riders about the events of the full season of riding.

Make no mistake, just because this video is different from Team Summit’s triumphs in the past, your still going to get that shot of adrenaline that all die-hard sledders crave in their mid-summer blues. ELEVATION is loaded with music that pulls at your emotions like you’ve died and gone to snowmobile heaven. From the stunning images of the sun breaking through the snow crystal filled air to the scenic terrain that you swore was a dream, it’s all there. As if that is not enough, prepare to crank your volume and put on your happy face because it’s filled with the sound of big bore sleds chowin’ on some serious powder. For the novice, the sound may not be a huge deal, but for those who are true die-hard riders, and have owned the other videos, this is the one that you have all been craving. It contains tons of sleds at full throttle that pierces your chest, and explodes sending shots of adrenaline to every extremity of your very soul.

As for the riders of Team Summit, you get to know them on a basis of a one on one conversation. Although each of their individual characteristics definitely shine through, you can truly feel the bond that they all have with each other. Toward the end of the flick, you’ll swear that you’ve known them for years. That is what makes the DVD so special. No hype, just friends doing what they love to do.

In ending, it’s pretty simple. This video is a must. It’s got what every sledder needs. From novice to the veterans, it’s a trip all the way through. Tons of laughs, great camera shots, stories that will have you laughing, and a true vision of what it’s all about. Team Summit is really not unlike the vast majority of all of the snomobilers out there. We all enjoy the common bond of getting out there, spending time with our friends, and making new memories that will last forever. And this is why ELEVATION will make its mark in the snowmobile video world. Another job well done by Team Summit.

Perry Duchow -HOWLER


Review Submitted by: Troy Oleson (Owner Racine Extreme) www.racine-extreme.com

I truly cannot put into words what I seen this afternoon. There is no one word like awesome, radical, insane etc that can explain it like most other snowmobile DVD's I have. I will try to explain what I watched this afternoon the very best I can. It is a combination of extreme snowmobiling in the High Sierras, beautiful scenery, the camaraderie of a group of true friends with good humor and serious situations that will have you on the edge of your seat through out the entire movie with laughter, excitement and wondering did he really just make that. The music rocks! The interviews are something you will need to see for yourself to understand the humor and seriousness of the Team Summit members which will leave you feeling like you know them all personally. When the movie is over, if you haven't started from the beginning  again, you will have that jump out of your seat and dance around the living room feeling then head out to the garage and stare at your sled dreaming of being there with Team Summit. Elevation Season 1 is a true masterpiece that's a wrap!

Troy Oleson -(Mr. Extreme / Racine Extreme)


Review Submitted by: Thunderstruck-Jim Phelan- Director: Thunderstruck Movies:

JLOWE. Your new nickname will be HUNGDOWNLOWE. Besides, JLo has a nice booty and you don't! I almost cried at the end of that video. You made the realism shine through in the way many of us put away our "best friend" when summer rolls around.

Great storyline, awesome personalities, "You have GOT to be kidding me!!!” Excellent production and video graphic values.

The NEWEST great film for sledders.


Review Submitted by: DOOITSLOW

Awesome video, Jeff!! I only got to watch my advance copy once before the "boss" took over the TV, but all I can say is that I am in total envy of you guys for having such a great area to ride and more importantly to have such a great bunch of guys and gals to ride with. Your films show how much you guys all ride just for the fun and friendship with each other. I will definitely be ordering a copy when it is released. 2 thumbs up!


Review Submitted by: POWDERMODPOLARIS

Got my video today and all I can say is it is off the hook. That has got to be one of the best videos I have seen in a while. Man you guys really got dumped on this year. Can’t wait till the release? I will definitely be ordering one. Keep up all the good work.


Review Submitted by: DJM

Jeff just looked at your video for about the 4th or 5th time. It is what sledding is all about, the buds getting together, riding, and having fun, great snow and great location. You have captured the essence of snowmobiling.
Meeting new friends, sharing great times and riding!
Every time I think you might change something here... or something there.. one just keeps watching and saying to one's self.. no.. don't change a thing. This is perfect.
You guys have captured mountain riding as I suspect about 80 % of us know it. It is almost like one gets to know your whole group and feel like one is a part of it.
The shots of the clouds.. waiting on the weather.. the ride up.. gassing up... the creeks and melting snow around the tree wells.. the composition is great!
Great Job! Can't wait to share it with my buds.


Review Submitted by: MTCATWOMAN

Absolutely LOVED it!! Definitely felt like I got to know the riders, and really liked how some told their stories. I watched this yesterday afternoon when it got here, then got to watch it with the hubby again last night after we got done floating the river on our pontoon boats.

Glenn (the hubby) and I could point at each other and say "hey, that's you", or "that's something you'd do"......or some other member of the group we ride with. We very much could relate to this film!! Great music which integrates well with sled noise! This is really a good flick, and I like the diversity of it. No, I didn't miss work....we rode on Saturday. As much as I hate to see anyone get hurt, I could definitely relate to your injury. I had a few of those "oh, oh, oh's"......then the bleep. That's about how it happened when I did my tibial plateau fracture. After awhile those, *oh's* just don't cut it.....and you NEED to let out one really LOUD curse word (or a few). If nothing else, which is definitely one thing that lets people, know you REALLY are hurt and not just rolling around on the ground because it seemed like a cool thing to do at the time.

All it took was one small section of watching Rodeo to know how he got his name.....thought for sure there was no way he was going to stay on his sled. Amazingly they didn't part ways.

It was cool how you took Fish and Howler out! Really liked seeing that, and seems like they picked up on things quickly. It's awesome enough seeing perma-grins on people's faces, let alone those faces with the look of excitement and awe in them!! :)

This film could be allot of us that ride....the bonds that form, the fun that is had, just loving life and out enjoying riding.

Two thumbs up here.......can't wait to see the finished thing that has the other parts!!

I'll see you at the TS4 premiere in Helena!


Review Submitted by: 670BUBBX

Very nice job Jeff,,,,,,can't wait to see the rest of it...I had a couple good laughs, I can just imagine what the out takes are like.
Just a bunch of guys and girls having fun in the white stuff, which is what it is all about!


Review Submitted by: 02RENEGADE

Jeff, Awesome awesome movie, I loved it all. The weather report at the start was way to cool! Good to see all the riders introduced. Once again great movie!!


Review Submitted by: EXTREME-ONE

Jeff, Thanks for the movie it was great...Looks like you guys know how to have some fun. We will see you in Helena for the TS4 premier...



Review Submitted by: EKLIPTIX

Team Summit: Elevation
The first thing that came to my mind was how professional the video work was. It seemed like a commercial at times. The camera angles and techniques were great.
For what the film lacks in massive jumps or insane riders is made up by an incredible feeling of companionship between the riders while they pushed each other's limits.


Review Submitted by: 2FUN4U

Received mine in the mail and a few of us sat and watched it over the weekend. It was fun to hear the stories about some of the riding being told by the riders so you understood what happened. Usually, as with the TS movies, there isn't much that makes you laugh - but Elevation sure did.

The other thing that struck me during the film was the open areas you guys have........our mountains all have trees on them and we have to be much more careful when coming down. Looks like your snow sets up fast too!

Anyway - great fun vid!


Review Submitted by: IDPWDAGIRL

I watched Team Summit Elevation with some friends over the weekend also.

VERY professional and entertaining video. The editing was outstanding. I liked the camaraderie between the riders and the way you felt like you got to know them a little bit. If your intent was to capture the "experience" of the ride...you hit the nail on the head.

Thanks for sharing!


Review Submitted by: DJM

Jeff, while I sympathize with you guys wanting to take it up a notch. I hope you guys stick to pretty much stock sleds and don't ratchet it up much. What is unique about your film is it is not just another climbing and jumping movie. It is about a regular bunch of guys riding and having fun on the snow. Pretty much similar to what the majority of us ride and do... we can relate to you guys and your film. What you do, you do very well; don't lose the camaraderie, the fun. It is not all about climbing crazy chutes and having the fastest mod sleds dropping the biggest drops. There are already many doing that and there is a place for it, what you guys do is something special and most of us can relate. Keep it up!


Review Submitted by: TWISTER

Jeff very good job on the film, like has been said the footage and the cinematography are exceptional. For you guys that are thinking of getting this video, it is a very very good movie about a bunch of everyday Joes doing what they love. Jeff those are some really nice riding areas you guys got out there, does the snow usually set up really quick.


Review Submitted by: CLIMBMAX-Randy Swenson

Jeff just watched the film..............awesome. Well done.
Your group has some very good riders; you sure most have only been riding 5 years? I ride with a couple who have been at it 10 and still can't get it right!!
Loved the nickname part.........makes me wonder what a few of my pals would name me?
Sure looked like you had great snow for the season...........also liked the monthly segments. Great idea.
Thanks again for sending one up...............look forward to meeting you soon.

Take care


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