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January 2006

Hot Stuff!

Racine Extreme's January 2006 Boat of the Month, a 1986 Sanger Ski Hydro owned by John Groth can be found making waves on the chain of lakes in Northern, IL. Groth is a regular at Blarney Island's Thursday night  "Thunder on the Chain" drag boat races on Grass Lake in Antioch, IL. He runs his Sanger Hydro in the Lake Racer Inboard and Single Carbureted classes. In 2005 as a rookie pilot competing against several veteran racers at Blarney Island, Groth started the season after the 4th week of points and upgraded to this boat in the middle of the race season. Groth's determination, boat and addiction for speed on water, managed to clench a 2nd overall in Lake Racer and 3rd overall in the Single Carbureted classes at the end of the 2005 Blarney Island race season.


Racine Extreme's first boat of the month for 2006 is powered by a 1978 Ford 460, punched out to 524 with 15:1 compression, running 112 octane race fuel. This extreme machine uses a JG Berkley Pump with an "A" Stainless Steel Impeller and Auger. Other performance upgrades include a Droop Snoop with an Extream loader assisting the pump to push 4,000 gallons of water a minute. With myself being a boat racer I would bet there is more, but I know first hand you have to keep some information from the competition if you want to win. Maybe we will get more from  Mr. Groth at the end of the 2006 season. Click on John Groth Racer Profile to check out his profile from the 2005 “Thunder on the Chain” race season. “T.O.R.E.”


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