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  Saldecki's 114 MPH Grand Prix Tunnel  


The 2005 Firewater Speed Runs and Bikini Bash was a huge success once again! Hats off to Tom Gimmer organizer of the event and Sunset Tavern and Marine. The speed runs brought some of the fastest men on water out to the event to show their stuff, competing in 10 classes divided by boat and motor. Classes ranged from a recreational stock class were the average person could give a shot at the 1000 foot speed strip all the way up to the Pro Class of Open Fuel with Dave Saldeki turning the top speed of the day at 114 MPH!


There was loads of excitement through out the day from Sea Planes to Nitrous charged boats to a Bikini Contest. First bit of excitement for Racine Extreme was a ride in Wally Hain's Cessna Sea Plane to shoot video of Dave Z. at over 110 mph in his 30' motion with triple 280's from the sky for Racine Extreme's year end video.  Then we witnessed the 114 MPH run of Dave Saldeki followed by the seriousness of a 110 MPH crash by Jeff Cleinmark in Nick Kayes Triad DR20. Cleinmark just banged and bruised is extremely lucky to walk away from a crash like that! The day was wraped up with the awards presentation and the much anticipated Firewater Bikini Bash which brought all the boys to the table for a glimpse of some of the hottest action in the Midwest.


Special Thanks to Wally Hain for Taking Troy Oleson of Racine Extreme up in His Sea Plane to capture some of our best video yet!

Tom & LeAnn Gimmer as they announce they have sold Sunset Tavern and Marine and introduce the new owners. Tom and LeAnn you will be missed and best of luck to whatever your future holds!


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The Crashed Boat of Nick Kaye Driven by Jeff Cleinmark.

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Bikini Contestants as the action gets underway.

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"Firewater 2005"


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