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Nielsen Enterprises Grand Finale at the Grand Geneva 3-19-2005 & 3-20-2005.

Racine Extreme salutes the US Air Force and Nielsen Enterprises for an excellent action packed weekend of racing. The weather cooperated, the track was insane and the racing was as extreme as it gets. There was a lot of big air and close racing action. The whole weekend was action packed from start to finish. Racine Extreme is in the process of editing over 2700 photos and videos. We will be adding to this event until we have completed all editing so check back to see your favorite racers in action and all the excitement at the Grand Geneva!


Sundays Final results of the Nielsen Grand Finale at the Grand Geneva. Tomi Ahmasalo's Grand Exit at the Grand Geneva.
Pro Open

1st Steve Martin #18

2nd Michael Island #8

3rd Carl Kuster #47

Pro Women

1st Julie Thul #36

2nd Sara McQuestion #417

3rd Victoria Hawley #246

Tomi Ran his last race in the United States at the Grand Geneva on Sunday. He finished his last season with a fifth over all in pro open points and a fifth over all in pro stock points. Ahmasalo has been a huge asset to snocross racing in the US and Canada. He is sure to be an asset to snocross racing in Finland.  He has decided to move back to spend time with his family and race in his home country. Ahmasalo made a grand exit by taking the last lap, holding the checkered flag around the track at the Nielsen Grand Finale. The crowd was full of cheer and tears as Tomi will be missed by friends and fans both!  Good luck Tomi Ahmasalo!

Click HERE for photos of Tomi's last ride.

Pro Stock

1st Ross Martin #837

2nd Steve Martin #18

3rd Dennis Eckstrom #25

Semi-Pro Open

1st Ross Martin #837

2nd C.W. Sirjane #127

3rd Phil Johnson #233

Pro Veteran

1st Earl Reimer #100

2nd Jesse Strege #99

3rd James Keillor #25

Semi-Pro Stock

1st Brett Bender #19

2nd Cory Davis #160

3rd Mathew Piche #518


Photos of Sundays Pro Open Winners.

Steve Martin #18

Michael Island#8

Carl Kuster #47


Rookie Ross Martin #837 wins pro stock!

One of the local snow cross heroes took the crowd and fans by surprise. Ross Martin semi pro points champion in both classes ran his first pro race at the Nielsen Enterprises Grand Finale Snocross Nationals. Martin jumped the line at the start and got placed in the back row. To everyone's surprise Ross Martin raced through the entire pack to be running in first place by the fourth lap. Martin held first place and increased his lead to finish his first Pro race in  first place. Ross Martin Proved there is no question he belongs among the pro ranks. Congratulations Ross Martin, you are a true pro and you proved it!


Miscellaneous videos from Sunday's Grand Finale.

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Race Video 1

Race Video 2

Race Video 3

Steve Martin going big

Tomi Ahmasalo qualifying

 Eckstrom followed by Harmon

The pros going big

Mike Schults going big

Finish Line

Checkered Flag

Checkered Flag #2


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Tomi Ahmasalo's last ride.

Page through the photos to see his final lap.





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