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from Great Lakes Dragaway!

December 17th 2005 marked the second weekly snowmobile race at Great Lakes Dragaway. The races at this time are being held as single pass radar runs and are slated to go to dual lane grudge match style drag racing in the upcoming weeks. For those of you that are familiar with Great Lakes Dragaway, the races are held on the grassy section between the race track and return lane in front of the bleachers. They have race gas available, heated bathrooms, food and beer stand and can run under the lights when the sun goes down. Races start at 12pm and run to 6pm or later if need be. Entry fee for racers is $25 and $10 for spectators. This is a test and tune fun day at the DaGrove, so load up those sleds and head to the track this Saturday. Come on down say hello to Racine Extreme and check out the action.

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