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The Midwest's Headquarters For Extreme Power Sports Action!

Exposing the X in Extreme Power Sports From Boat, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, and ATV Racing and Events. Visit Racing Extreme To Fuel Your Need for Extreme Power Sports News, Articles, Coverage or to Find Photos and Video of Your Favorite Racers and Teams. Use the Racing Extreme Calendars to find Extreme Power Sports Excitement Through Out The Midwest All Year Long.

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Bet on Formula One

The Formula 1 bets are far from close, based on a lot of skill, speed, and strategy. Click for more...

New Betting Websites

If you are interested in online betting on the motorraces please visit this site for a complete directory of new betting sites . If you find an error or know of a date change please submit the correct info with the form below.

Blarney Island "Thunder on the Chain" 2008

Check out Race Photos and Racer profiles from Blarney Islands

Thunder on the Chain 2008 Click for more...

Team Sno-Quest Films is Back & Better than ever!

Team Sno-Quest is back and better than ever with their new release "ALL OUT" Unquestionably this year’s most Epic Backcountry Film. Let Team Sno-Quest take you to some of the most challenging and awesome terrain found in the U.S. and Canada. Check out the new release teaser video as well as Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, order your full length features today to feed your extreme side! Click for more... 

Midwest Snowmobile Drag Racing Series

Check out the action from the 2007 Midwest Asphalt Snowmobile Drag Race Series Held at the "DaGrove" the Legendary Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin on Select Friday Nights all Summer Long.

Click for more...

Blarney Island "Thunder on the Chain" 2007

Check out week to week race coverage, photos and Racer profiles presented by Racine Extreme for the third year in a row! Click for more...


2007 BSOA & MRC Hydroplane Racing

Experience stock outboard racing at its best. Follow along as we travel from race site to race site as the Region 7 Stock Outboard Hydroplane season progresses and competitors battle for season points and participate in the Racine Extreme "Dash for Cash" series.  Click for more...

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