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PHASE 14: Hood & Paint

With all the chassis stuff at the powder coaters, it was time to start to work on the hood.

I sanded the entire hood down with 600 grit.  Then I laid on a coat of flexible primer 

Once that all dried, I wet sanded that with 600 grit, and it was ready to shoot with House of Kolors black.

I shot that and let it dry.  Once that was dry, I wet sanded the whole thing again with 800 grit.  I then went to Travis Allen of Mad Hatter Airbrushing.  He laid out the lightning bolts to my specs.

A buddy by the name of Perry Duchow (referred to as Howler) made up the custom decals.  They look awesome on the black background with the lightning bolts.

When I laid out the decals, they kind of looked slapped on over the top of the lightning bolts.  So I gave Travis a call with an idea.  I had him come back out and tie in the decals and the art work.  I had him make the bolts weave in and out of the lettering.

Once all the decals and artwork was complete.  I laid on 5 coats of House of Kolors clear.  Once it dried, I wet sanded it with 1000 grit,  then went back over it with 1500 grit.  Then I buffed it out with heavy compound on a coarse wool pad, then with fine compound on fine pad.  I then went over it with a foam pad and swirl polish remover. 

I must say that it came out quite nicely.   


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