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PHASE 10: Customizing the Seat

Time to move on to a little trickier part of the build.  This could make or break the appearance.  The seat.

You can see how I envisioned it to look in the first picture.

So I purchases a new ZX seat frame from Gary's for $35.

I pulled the REV seat apart at the seams. I then had both frames exposed.  I put the ZX frame in its proper position, then set the REV seat on top.  I cut them until the bottoms melded together.

Then I made an aluminum piece for the seat to sit on.  This needed to be sturdy enough to hold all a person's weight as the REV seat was designed to have a gas tank underneath it.  You can see the picture of the corrugated aluminum piece I made for that.  I then drilled holes in it to lighten it up a bit.

The nice thing about this is that I now have a storage tray under the seat.  I just have to make a door piece on the back half of the seat bottom.

Once the two seat halves were riveted together and the support in place, the fronts need to be brought together and the rest of the supports made.

I needed to cut the front upturned portion of the REV seat off to fit under the ZX console.  I then had to heat that up and let it bend to meet the ZX frame.  I then sanded wood blocks to fit between them.  Once I got the wood to the proper size, I coated them with fiberglass so they would not deteriorate.

Tom at Clemens Canvas here in town is friend of mine.  He put some leather on the side panels to fill them out, and added the yellow front to the REV seat to finish out the seat.  He did it when he had spare time, and I did some quick plumbing fixes for him.  We both called it even.  BONUS!      



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