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PHASE 12: Rear Heat Exchanger

Now came the time to make the rear heat exchanger.  I didn't want to lose any head room up front, so I made the exchanger from the cannibalized exchangers of the wrecked MXZ.

As you can see, I made a wooden platform to follow the contour of the kick-up.  Once that was made, I cut the pieces of the old coolers to follow that contour.  I made a large U-Cooler out of the whole thing.

Once it was all cut out, I ground down the fins enough to get a TIG tip in.  I went back to my neighbors shop and TIG'd the whole thing together.  Once it was done, it fit perfectly into the tunnel.

I dropped it back out, and filled a garbage can up with water.  I then made rubber plugs to fit in both outlets.  Then I put 20lbs of air pressure in it.  I had one small leak.  I hit it with the TIG again, tested it - and she was ready for install.  Since the radiator cap pops off at 9lbs, I figured 20lbs was good to go.     


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