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PHASE 2: Bulk Head

I detached the bulkhead from the tunnel and found that it was twisted slightly. 

I purchased a used F-Chassis from Gary's Snowmobile for $50.  It came with a tunnel, bulkhead, foot wells and trailing arm supports.  It actually worked out better as the foot wells in the F-Chassis are about 1" wider than the MXZ's.  SCORE!

Once I got it home and the pieces removed, I put it in my sandblaster and took it down to bare metal.

I welded .100" 5051 aluminum tabs on the back of the bulkhead for the set-back in the suspension.  I then ground them down to look stock with no visible weld marks.

I then had to cut out the bulkhead supports and make new ones that were stronger. You can see those welded in place.  They are similar to the MXZ style supports.  The front end should now be plenty stout.


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