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PHASE 20: Clutch & Pipes

These are the clutches I am using. 

The canablized sled came with a Comet 108EXP.  The cover was damaged and needed to be replaced.  I got one from JR Graham for $35.

I got the Arctic Cat reverse roller cam secondary off of EBay for $137.  It was pretty much set up to what I need.  I think.  I haven't yet been to the mountains with it yet.  I will need to do some tuning at altitude on the clutches.

I also picked up a used Heel Clicker Clutch set up that worked on the Comet clutches.  I got that for $75 on Snowest from a guy who lived 15 miles from my house.

To kind of round out the rest of the purchases, I got a Digitron 2 window from Snowest for $275 with the exhaust probes.  I ordered another probe for water temp, and a lead for a remote warning light.  Those cost me $97.

I also picked up a set of SLP twin pipes for a Summit on Snowest for $150.  I sent them to Jet Hot to be coated for $135.

It was now time to put the whole thing together and see what we got.   


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