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PHASE 22: Reverse

I had to make a specific set up for the reverse on this sled.  Since the chaincase and reverse came from an S-Chassis, and the oil tank and rear vents came from a ZX Chassis, a little creative metal work was called for.

I made a new lever to shift the mechanism on the top of the chaincase.  I made this from 10 gauge steel.  I cut the old lever off at the widest part, just above the pivot bushing.  This way I could use that without making a new piece.

I had to offset the lever about 1" to have clearance for the SLP twin pipes.  They have a presilencer. That is what was in the way of the original lever.

Once I got the proper clearance.  I drilled two holes in to match the factory look.  I now needed to get the outside shifter-pull out of the way.  If I would have left it straight, it would have been in the middle of the vent.  Then your knee would have been banging on it all the time.

So I found the proper location up tight against the tank.  The problem now was that the shifter-pull and the shifter-lever were not in the plane.  So I went to Storm Steel and rummaged through their steel piping scraps until I found a piece that the shifter rod would fit inside.

I then came home and went to work on a modified Z-Arm.  I laid the angles out with coat hanger wire.  Once I got it laid out, I measured the angles.  I then divided the angles in half and cut them out on the tubing.  I tack-welded it all together, and tested it.  It worked perfectly.

I welded the whole thing together, ground off all the welds to a nice finished look, and painted all the pieces black.  I used stainless bolts to hold it all together.

We go to Wyoming in an enclosed 4-place trailer.  We have to drag 2 sleds in backwards to get them all to fit.  I no longer have to drag my sled in.  I can just back it in.  SWEET!          


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