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PHASE 23: Brakes and Cooling

I just had to make one final piece to finish it off.  The rope tube for the pull start.  I had to kind of shape it in the form of an S to fit around the brake system.  Since it was dropped and rolled, I had to take it over the jackshaft.

I welded a support bracket on to it. I then got a 1" longer allen bolt to hold the brake caliper together.  Since the bolt actually threads into the back half of the caliper, I got it longer so it would stick out past the caliper.  I then used that bolt to fasten the bracket. I used a Nylock nut to hold it all together.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of this.  But you get the idea.      

Now that all the fabricating, powder coating, painting and engine work was done.  It was time to start putting it all together.

Here are some shots of the engine bay.  The pipes have been Jet Hot coated.  I made an aluminum bracket to go in place of the ZX MPEM module.  I could then bolt my S-Chassis module in that place.

The coolant hoses were relatively easy to install.  I just went to Menards and bought hard plastic angles to fit in the tight places.

I also put a purge on the top of the upper radiator hose.  This will allow the system to burp out any air bubbles on its own.  I did this because of the kick-up in the rear cooler.  The rear is actually higher than the top of the motor.  I did run it and hold the front higher than the back.  I put it there just in case I didn't get them all out.     


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