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PHASE 24: Test Run

Well....this is what my vision ended up with.

Everything is back together for the final time.  It is now time to see what she will do.

To recap it all.....

It is technically a 2004 Summit 670X.  I had a VIN number assigned by the Iowa DNR, and it is registered as that with the Linn County Treasurer.

It is a 159" X 2" paddle track.

The motor is a 670 punched to a 740.  It is running 46.5mm carbs.  I am running 340-350 mains.  55-60 pilot jets at 1.75 turns out on the pilot jet.  The EGT's are within 10 degrees of one another.  She starts extremely easy for a high compression motor.

The chaincase is a mechanical reverse.  I am running 21-44 gears in the case with a 72 tooth chain.  I am running two 9-tooth extrovert drivers on a stock drive shaft.

The clutching in the primary is a Comet 108EXP with a Heel Clicker clutch system.  I have the arms set at 50-10grams.  I have 5.2 grams of weight in the shoulder, and 5.0 grams in the tip.  I am also running their black spring, which is 140-400lbs of pressure.  This allows the RPM's engage at 4300RPM's at sea level, and tops out at 8400RPM's.  Those are high for mountain, but when it is down on power, it should bring it in at 3800 engagement, and 7900 for top end.  I will have to wait and see when it is at altitude.

The secondary is an Arctic Cat reverse cam roller secondary.  I have a 55-53 degree helix in it now.  I am also running a red spring with a white stripe in the #3 hole.

All of the clutch work is just a starting point at this stage.  Later this summer, I will be putting in on the engine dyno to find out it's true power band.  Once that is established, the clutches can be tuned to that range.

Now it is time to put her to the test.  A test run in Eagle River Wisconsin on a Snowtracks run.


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