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PHASE 4: Foot wells

The next step was to set up the Drop & Roll stainless templates from SLP.  The first picture shows the chain-case positioned, and in its final spot.

After that was done, it was time to move on to the foot-wells.  The late 90's chassis had a steep angle to the foot-wells.  This did not allow to you get as far forward as I would like.  It was necessary to flatten them out.

The first picture shows you what I mean.  It is the stock foot-well.

The second picture was an attempt to use the running board as the bottom.  This also did not allow your foot all the way in.

The last picture shows the final foot-well. It has a nice angle for your foot.  You can still hook your boot in it, and you can get your foot all the way to the back of the trailing arm support.     


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