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PHASE 6: Rear Suspension

I originally bought a 2001 151" Highmark rear suspension from Snowest for $250.  I took the rails off of it and traded them even up for a set of 136".  With the 3.5" set back, I went with a 144" track.  My original intention was to go with a 144", then move into the 151" with 144" rails an offset axle the following year.


Once the suspension was underneath it...it just didn't look right.  So out it came.  I sold the 144" track to a buddy of mine for what I paid for it.  I sold the 136" rails to another buddy for about the same price as a set of 144" rails I bought off EBay.


I then bought a used 159" x 2" paddle track off Snowest for $175.  I had the rails powder coated black, and put the yellow slides on it.


I had WildChild from Snowest make a custom rear extension/offset with an Arctic Cat axle and spacers.  Arctic Cat is the ONLY Company that makes a yellow, plastic 8" wheel.  Extension with off-set and Arctic Cat axle ran $180.


The picture is pretty close to being done.




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