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PHASE 8: Ski Stance & Shocks

This is when I was playing around with the ski stance and ride height.

The side with the green shock spring is a stock 1997 Summit stance, which is 38".  That was too narrow and way too low to the ground.

The shock with the yellow shock spring is the 38" stance with a MXZ shock.  This raised the ride height to where I wanted (which was 1.5" taller than the S-Chassis), but at the same time it narrowed the stance.  That wasn't going to work.

So a call to Fabcraft was in order.  I got their adjustable radius rods, tie-rods red anodized aluminum heims and spacers for $271.  I also picked up a pair of 17.25" Fox rebuildable shocks off EBay from a Polaris RMK for $150.  Those gave me a 40.25" stance with the extra 1.5" of ground clearance.

The trailing arms I bought off of Snowest.  They were just the spindle mounts.  The arms had been broken, and he did not have them any longer. I picked them up for $25.

I got them and took some measurements.  I found that the inside diameter was just a tad over 1.25".  So I ordered a couple of Outlaw Sprint Car steering arms, and a couple of 3/4" heims.  The steering arms are aluminum, light weight, strong and fit perfectly - and best of all CHEAP.  They only run $24 each for the lightweight ones.  The heavier ones are only $18 each.  The heims cost me $24 for the pair.  I cut them to 33", drilled them on the drill press for a set screw and they work perfectly.  

I sent the shocks out to Goodwin Performance and they put thicker oil in them and revalved them for my weight and riding style.  The bodies looked kind of crappy, so I had them put new shock bodies on.  The total bill was $175.  That is still only $325 for the front shocks, set up the way I want and the price of the shocks.  The front end is good to go.  



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