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PHASE 9: Rear Suspension Part 2

These pictures show the chain case dropped and rolled, the jack shaft mounted in place and the rear suspension fitted in place.

As you can see, the 144" looks tiny under the 159" tunnel.  That didn't last long.  That is what you get for thinking conservatively.  Go big, or go home!  Right?

You can almost make out the extruded '05 Summit drop brackets.  I got those are Gary's for $50 for the pair.

The footrails are off a Summit as well.  They ran $75.00 for the pair, and came in yellow. 

What you don't see is the 9 tooth extrovert drivers, and the aluminum jackshaft I got from Snowest.  $75.00 brought the 2 drivers and the jackshaft to my back door via UPS.

I later picked up a brand new Brake System lightweight brake disc from the Dennis Kirk scratch and dent stuff on EBay for $25.00.  Apparently, they went out of business. Who cares?  It works.  If it goes bad, I'll step up and buy a new SLP unit.

I included a picture of the under side of the tunnel as I now have over 3" of clearance in the back, and that tapers to 1.5" in the front.

I might mention at this point, that I put a bulkhead cooler from a ZX chassis in this as well.  I still have plenty of clearance, and will have plenty of cooling as well.   That will be for those 60 degree spring riding days.


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