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"Thunder on the Chain"

2005 Racer Profile:



"CyberCNC Racing"


Nick Kaye


Boat: Mirage 1/4 Master


Motor: Mercury 2.5 Drag


Boat number: unassigned


Classes Raced: Pro Gas & Pro Fuel


Crew Members: Tim McCollough, Mike (Balzy) Balz


Sponsors: CyberCNC Machinery Sales, Gohr Performance


Years racing: 3


Biggest Race Influence: Jeff Clienmark


Goals for the season: Place in the top three


Career Highlights: Started in 2004 at Blarney Island and Jasper ODBA Race


Favorite place to race at:  The Island


Hometown: Brookfield , WI


Full Time Job: Machine Tool Sales


Favorite Music: Rock & Roll


Hobbies: Boat Racing & Fishing


Racer Comments: When I first bought the ┬╝ Master, I hired a pro driver in 2003 to drive it at Jasper for me. I became determined to drive my own boat and lost 180 lbs so I could do it. I had weight loss surgery, which my family supported. I am so grateful and happy to be living happy again.

Click the photo above to see a short video of Nick Kaye's Triad DR20 & His 1/4 Master headed for the race course.




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