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Phil Smage

"As crazy as this may sound, I am thankful for this moment right here," wrote Phil Smage on November 22nd as he reminisced about that fateful accident on May 2018. "This is the most afraid I have ever been in my life. I was fully awake and coherent during the process of getting my immobile body from the mangled razor into the flight for life helicopter..." That's the day the Nitro Circus athlete was involved in the famous Phil Smage crash that left him with multiple broken ribs, broken collarbone, wrist and fractured vertebrae from C3-C7. I can already feel a cold chill run down your spine, and if you are a non-motocross fan, you must be asking yourself, "Who is Phil Smage?"

Phil Smage, of American nationality, is a professional action sports athlete. Known for his prowess in motorcycle trial shows, Smage takes his expertise across the country with his brother Pat Smage. As much as the Smage Brothers may well be known by some owing to their recent appearances on NBC TV's America Got Talent show, the brothers are undoubtedly prolific trials riders.

Phil Smage is the national pro #10 for the AMA Maxxis Endurocross series and the 2007 Maxxis Mini Moto SX national champion of the MM12A class. He has also played Captain America for two years on Marvel Universe live tour since July 2014. He mostly did motorcycle tricks and staged fights. His brother Pat is the five-time national champion of AMA/NATC Trials and last AMA rider of the year.

His shows usually include the duo, he and his brother Pat, doing riding tricks, stunts and jumps between obstacles. They additionally compete for who can do the most wheel hops and do wheelies. They also ride a motorised unicycle while timing - they are the current world record holders at three and a half minutes.

As good as he is, however, things did not go as planned on that day of the Phil Smage crash. The world record UTV distance jump was taking place at Brimstone White Knuckle Event which is located at Huntsville, Tennesse. It seemed so normal a day, just like any other. Phil Smage landed the test run at 180 feet. He then tried to hit a sweet spot of 200 feet to 250 feet, albeit on his attempt, he landed "well past."

The Nitro Circus crew and the Brimstone Reactions Medical Team quickly attended to him before he was airlifted to the University of Tennesse Knoxville Medical Centre for further assessment and treatment. Phil recalls the brief journey from the razor to the life-flight helicopter being even more terrifying than the takeoff ramp going 90+ MPH. For most athletes, being paralysed is even scarier than death. He must have been asking himself if that was a dream, or was it actually happening.

Having a broken wrist, multiple ribs, collarbone and fractured vertebrae (C3-C7), Smage went through spinal surgery to fuse his fractured vertebrae - an action which his surgeons thought would give him the best possible outcome.

The road to recover is not an easy one, but a necessary one if you want to regain your health status. Phil braces each day with a smile and tries to find a positive thing everyday to keep him going.

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