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Racine Extreme was invited to spend the day with Breault & Witter Racing. Ray (Team Owner) and Perry (Driver) explained all the steps to racing on grass as they tested their new race sled for 2005. The team had an excellent day as they worked the bugs out of this virgin sled. I would like to thank the team for all the time they took to give Racine Extreme a complete understanding of what it takes to race a fully modified Grass Drag Sled.


For anyone who is not familiar with grass racing there are several races held by both organizations and independent clubs. They run several classes from trail stock all the way trough heavy mod 1000 making up a race schedule of approximately 42+ classes that will last anywhere from one to three days depending on the event.


The team had a great day testing and showed Racine Extreme the ins and outs of Snowmobile Grass Drag Racing. From the cooling system to clutch set-up. The guys explained the need for a power broom which is used to clean the line the driver picks when looking down the track. They showed R.E. how to cool the motor and the clutch after a run down the track. What it takes to get the sled ready for another run after returning from a shot down the track. It turned out to be an excellent day with Breault & Witter Racing! THANKS GUYS!


1) The Mod Sled after unloaded from the race trailer waiting for prep. 2) Ray and Perry as they start prepping the sled for the first test run.
3) Perry positioning the sled for take off. 4) Sled awaiting its pilot before its very first run after build-up.
5) Get Ready, Get Set..... 6) Gone!

Click on the picture to view the video as Breault & Witter test their Sled.

First run as the team figures out where the clutch is engaging.
Getting better after a few adjustments
Breault the team owner has to get a little play time on his modified creation.
Team Owner says "Now that's what we are looking for put it on the trailer. Lets go racing!"


Once again Racine Extreme would like to thank the Breault & Witter Racing team for the opportunity to hang out with them all day and for all the time they spent with R. E. Racine Extreme looks forward to seeing this team race and having the opportunity to accompany them at the race track in the upcoming months. Best of  luck to the team in the upcoming season.


Breault & Witter Racing is very professional  and organized team! If you have any interest in sponsoring this team please click here and submit your  contact information. The team will contact you personally in the next couple business days.


Update-August 2, 2005

Click HERE to view a video of the Breault/Witter team taking home the bragging rights in Homer IL, on 7-31-2005




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