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 Meet the riders, the crew, the members of Team Summit! Experience realistic extreme snowmobiling in the Sierra Nevada Mountains through the eyes of the men and women at Team Summit.


Team Summit recently produced "Elevation: Season 1" a reality TV/snowmobile film. This film will take you to the most extreme terrain in the Sierra Mountains as Team Summit stretch their machines and themselves to the edge. See how the men and women of Bravo Squadron pound the powder with their incredible hill climbs, steep and deep boon docking  and extreme high marking. This full throttle, Jeff Aiello production will not be one to miss.


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Brian Biglione
Sled: 2002 Ski Doo Summit 151" Stock w/
MBRP Canister, 8" bar risers, finger throttle.
Owner: Valley Air Conditioning in Fresno, CA.
Jacob Moren
Sled: 2005 Ski Doo RT 1000 162", stock.
Foreman: California Paving in Oakhurst, CA.
Travis Davis
"The Hero"
Sleds: 2004 KingCat bored to 1000, SLP performance, Pipe, Canister, FLY bar risers, finger throttle, drilled track. Arctic Cat Sno Pro Race Sled.
Owner: Davis Surveys, Land Surveying Company in Oakurst, CA.
Paul Limebrook
Sled: 2005 Ski Doo REV Summit 800X 144", stock.
Owner: All Auto & Smog in Oakhurst, CA.
Troy Hood
"The Timebomb"
Sled: 2002 Polaris RMK 800 156". Bored to 1000 with Boondocker Nitros, FOX Float suspension, custom hood, twin digital readouts, bar risers, Boss seat.
Owner: Hood Construction in Coarsegold, CA.
Justin Lowry
Sled: 2005 Polaris RMK 900 159", stock.
Director of Operations, Davis Surveys in Oakhurst, CA.
Jeff Aiello
"J Lowe"
Sled: 2005 Ski Doo REV Summit 800X 151". Stock with MBRP canister.
Director of Marketing/Programming ABC30 KFSN-TV in
Fresno, CA.
Chad Williams
Sled: 2004 Mountain Cat 900 159". Milled, ported, polished, SLP performance pipe/silencer, Fabcraft rear, Fox Float suspension, Boondocker Nitros.
Occupation: Unkown.
Alan Bryant
"The Big Kahuna"
Sled: 2003 Mountain Cat 900 151". Stock with Lexan hood, duel throttles.
Manager of True Value Home Center in Oakhurst, CA.
Donny Moore
Sled: 2004 Mountain Cat 800 151". Stock.
Service Rep: California Paving in Oakhurst, CA.
John Dunbar
"Captain Dunbar"
Sled: 2005 Ski Doo REV Summit 800 144". Stock with an obnoxious canister on the way!
Engine/Co-Gen Tech for Valley Air Conditioning in Fresno, CA.
Kyler McPhedrich
Sled: 2004 Mountain Cat 900 159" Full SLP performance pack.
Occupation: International Man of Mystery.
Steve Jones
Sled: 2003 Mountain Cat 800 151". Stock.
Owner: Jones/Snyder Surveying in Oakhurst, CA.
Mike Hughes
"Wizzie", "Puppy" or "Gilligan"
Sled: 2004 Mountain Cat 800 151" stock.
Field Tech for Davis Surveys, Oakhurst, CA.
Jeff Chapman
Sled: 2002 Mountain Cat 900 159" stock w/ mondo bar risers.
Big shot at Valley Air Conditioning in Fresno, CA.
Sled: 2005 Polaris RMK 900 151".
Eric Persson
Sled: 2005 Arctic Cat M7 153" stock
Owner: Califorina Paving in Oakhurst, CA.
Jana James
"Delta Dawn"
Sled: 2002 Mountain Cat 800 EFI 144"
Bank Rep
Tom Stillman
Sled: 2005 Ski Doo Summit-X 800 HO 151" Stock.
Retired Astronaut and crtically acclaimed sushi chef.



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