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"Thunder on the Chain"

2005 Racer Profile:



Tom Heitger


Boat: Mirage River Racer


Motor: 2.5 Mercury 260


Classes Raced: Lake Racer Outboard


Crew Members: Jeff Heitger, Daniel Heitger


Sponsors: Xtreme Marine, Jeff Heitger


Years racing: 3


Biggest Race Influence: Brad Collins, Steve Zuckerman


Goals for the Season: Compete more than 1 time at Blarney Island


Favorite place to race at: Blarney Island


Hometown: Massillion, Ohio


Age: 24


Full Time Job: College Student, Family Business, Custom Vehicle Work


Favorite Music: Everything


Hobbies: Boating Racing & Cars


Racer Comments: Special thanks to my dad, Jeff Heitger, Bob Albee owner of Xtreme Marine, Steve Zuckerman and Maston Marine for their help and support.


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