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Who is Racine Extreme


You ask, "Who is Racine Extreme?”.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Troy Oleson; I am the webmaster and owner of Racine Extreme. I was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin. I have been an extreme power sports enthusiast since I was just a little guy. It all started with a 1978 Arctic Cat Jag 3000 hand-me-down from my father in the early 80's. The enjoyment I had with that snowmobile led to several snowmobile purchases and participation in local club racing events for all the years to follow.

In 1991, I added a Honda TRX250X ATV to the power sports collection. Its intended use was for joy riding however, that led to competing in small-scale races and mud bogs. In early 1992, I joined the Army for a few years. I returned home in late 1994 and all my friends were still into the power sports scene and some more than ever. A couple years later, I purchased a Kawasaki Ninja and a 1978 Hydro Stream Vector speedboat. A friend of mine who has always been in to the drag boat-racing scene helped me set up the boat and coached me in driving skills. I had entered in some local area drag boat races and radar runs. Doing fairly well in those competitions led to an addiction for going fast on water. Before I knew it, I was on my way to purchase an Allison XR2001Drag boat for competition in the APBA. Eventually that led to a 2nd place finish at the 2002 Eustis Florida Outboard Drag Nationals. A special thanks to Nick Winski and Bob Ablee for helping make that possible. Also to my mom and dad for understanding and supporting my boat racing, let alone all the other power sports hobbies.

Since those couple minutes of fame, I have been searching for a way to share the passion for extreme power sports with other people that have the same interests. I have been active in all areas of my website and will continue to be in one way or another.I believe I have found a way by building and maintaining this website and sharing it with the public. It gives me the opportunity to be at the races, meet the racers, and participate in one way or another in the action. All of these circumstances have led to my publication of Racine Extreme.

I promise to all the readers of Racine Extreme to bring you the most realistic extreme power sports action from the area and elsewhere. My goal is to create a one stop place for all  extreme power sports enthusiasts to share their passion and meet new friends with similar interests. To expose and promote our favorite power sports in positive ways. To promote the clubs and businesses that make it all possible for us to enjoy. Extreme power sports is my true passion and being involved in it to this extent is more than I ever could have ever dreamed of!  Hold on to your hat and take a look around to see how it is done with extreme style!

 "Racine Extreme Style!"

Troy Oleson
Racine Extreme



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